We have compiled for you a list of the most frequently asked questions about Turkey and real estate in Turkey.

Who can buy an apartment in Alanya?

Anyone can buy property in Alanya, there are no restrictions on the purchase of property in Alanya. In Turkey, there is a ban on the purchase of real estate only for citizens of five countries: Syria, North Korea, Armenia, Cuba, and Nigeria. Citizens of Iraq, Iran, and Palestine must obtain permission from the Ministry of Interior for permission to purchase real estate.

What documents are needed to buy an apartment in Turkey?

To purchase real estate in Turkey, you must have a valid passport, 4 photographs, Turkish tax number.

Where can I get a tax number in Turkey?

A tax number in Turkey can be obtained from the tax administration (vergi dairesi), you must have a copy of your passport with you, indicate your address in Turkey, the names of your parents, and your phone number. Also, it is possible to issue a tax number on the interactive tax online portal https://ivd.gib.gov.tr

What are the monthly costs of maintaining a property in Turkey?

Maintenance of an apartment in Turkey consists of utility and tax payments. Utility payments consist of bills for electricity and water, they are calculated exclusively by meters. Also, the payment of Aidat is obligatory. The cost of aidat is set by the residents’ meeting once a year, it can be paid monthly, quarterly, or once a year.

What is Aidat?

Aidat is a payment for the maintenance of the house and the local area. It is determined by the meeting of residents at the annual meeting and depends on the area of ​​​​the territory and the number of social infrastructure facilities. The cost of aidat also includes the salary of a kapıcı.

How long can I sell property in Alanya?

There are no restrictions on the sale of real estate in Turkey. When selling an apartment in Turkey earlier than 5 years after the purchase, the seller must pay the tax.

Where do children study in Turkey?

Children in Turkey can attend kindergartens. There are no state kindergartens in Turkey, so kindergartens will be paid. Schools in Turkey are public (free) and private paid schools (colleges). After school, there is an opportunity to enter the university. Turks and foreigners study in all educational institutions.

What apartment to buy for rent?

All apartments are suitable for rent and are located within walking distance from the sea, urban, and entertainment infrastructure, with a well-developed social infrastructure within the complex. This property is in high demand and will be well-rented out.

How to get Turkish citizenship by buying property in Alanya?

Turkish citizenship can be obtained by purchasing real estate worth $400,000 at cadastral value. It will be possible to sell such real estate 3 years after the acquisition.

Is there a property tax in Turkey?

Turkey has an annual tax on property ownership. For the ownership of an apartment or house, the annual tax rate will be 0.2%, and for commercial premises – 0.4%. The tax is calculated semi-annually and must be paid before the end of May and November. There are penalties for late payment.

Can I get a residence permit if I own property in Turkey?

Property owners can obtain an ikamet (residence permit). However, it should be taken into account. From July 01, 2022, a number of areas in the provinces of Turkey are closed for issuing residence permits to foreigners. The exception is owners from whom the property was purchased before April 26, 2022. Each province has its own additional rules which can be found on the website of the Turkish Migration Service (GÖÇ Dairesi).

What are the best areas for renting an apartment?

Today, the demand for real estate in Alanya is consistently high. An important criterion is a distance from the sea, the availability of infrastructure in the complex, and the distance from the urban and social infrastructure of the city.

Can I work in Turkey with a residence permit?

A residence permit does not give the right to work in Turkey. In order to work in Turkey, you must have a work visa (Çalışma izni). It is issued by the employer if you have a residence permit. It is important to remember that when working without a work permit, the employer and employee face fines, and for a foreign worker there will still be deportation with a ban on entering Turkey for up to 5 years.

What kind of medicine is in Turkey?

Turkey has a medical insurance system. There are private, and public clinics and university hospitals. If you have insurance, insurance companies cover part of the cost of medical care. In the absence of insurance, a visit to the doctor can result in a round sum. Turkey is a country with a high level of medicine in the country.

Are there any restrictions for foreigners to buy property in Turkey?

In Turkey, there are no restrictions on the amount of real estate for foreigners. However, in some regions of Turkey, there is a moratorium on the sale of real estate to foreigners (mainly in the Black Sea region).

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