Buy an apartment in Gazipasa near the sea
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General Details
  • Installment
    7 Monthly Installment Plan
  • Location
  • Bedroom
    1+1, 2+1
  • Bathroom
    1, 3
  • Property Size
    51m², 93m²
  • Balcony
    1, 2
  • Land Size
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
    Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Beach
    Beach: 1000 MT
  • Airport
    Airport: 6 KM
Property Description

Buy an apartment in Gazipasa near the sea

The city of Gazipasa has located 40 km to the east of Alanya and is one of the 19 administrative regions of Antalya. Gazipasa is a flat area between the Taurus Mountains in the east and the Mediterranean Sea in the west.

The main activity of Gazipasa is agriculture. Here are the freshest and most delicious fruits and vegetables, including exotic mangoes, papaya, and passion fruit, as well as homemade cheeses, olives, and olive oil. A simple and measured way of life has formed an open and friendly character of the local population.

In Gazipasa, the cliffs extending into the sea divide the beach into three parts with a unique ecosystem. The first beach is opposite Gazipasa Airport. It has a gel beach and a gentle entrance to the sea. The beach is “wild”, with a wide coastline, locals come here for picnic. The development of this part of Gazipasa is strictly controlled due to its close proximity to the airport.

The second beach is located in the middle of Gazipasa. On one side of the beach is the ancient fortress of Selinus and, on the other side, Kyzylyn (Red Cave). This sandy beach is 2 km long with equipped recreation areas, sun loungers, cozy cafes, cabanas, and friendly staff. You can walk along the embankment, there are bike paths and playgrounds.

The third part of the beach in Gazipasa is natural pools directly into the sea, formed by the layering of plates. If you like to explore the seabed, dive into the crystal clear waters, or fish, you will definitely love this place. In one part of the beach, there is a place for “motorhomes”, many Europeans and Turks come here to rest.

Gazipasa has a well-developed urban infrastructure, parks, and playgrounds. Children of property owners in Gazipasa have the opportunity to attend kindergartens and public and private schools in Gazipasa.

A state hospital operates on the territory of Gazipasa, there are private medical offices and dental clinics. Pharmacies, veterinary clinics, and shops are located throughout the city.

You can move around the city by city bus, the stops of which are located at a distance of 300-500 m from each other. From Gazipasa, you can take public transport to Alanya or its regions.

The new residential complex is located on a plot of 694 sq.m. at a distance of 1 km from the private beach. This is a beautiful, actively developed part of Gazipasa, where new residences are being built and urban infrastructure is being opened. The residential complex consists of one residential block with 15 apartments and an adjoining area with a swimming pool.

All apartments are sold with a fine finish, and built-in furniture and plumbing are installed in the kitchen and bathroom.

The house has a convenient location, only 6 km from Gazipasa airport, 300 m to the nearest school, and only 1000 m to its own beach.

Construction will end in April 2023. You can buy an apartment in installments in Gazipasa from the developer without interest. The installment period is until the end of construction, until April 2023.

Such an apartment in Gazipasa is suitable for both permanent residence and rental. An apartment in Gazipasa from the developer will become not only a place for recreation for all families but also a profitable investment.

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Airport6 KM
Beach1000 MT
Centrum2 KM
Shopping Mall300 MT
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